Experimenting with Photography

Summer is finally here! I can hopefully catch up on some long needed posting here on Art by Clarinell! How I have missed it here! My goal is to post much more often over the summer so to kick this thing off here are the collection of photos I have been taking as I play around with yet another wonderful medium. I hope you enjoy !

Nature Set

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Buildings and Miscellaneous set

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Art Nov 9-13, 2016

I want to extend a huge thank you to all who came out to support our youth group this weekend at the fall festival! It was a wonderful time and I had the opportunity to speak with some very friendly people.

The art shown here are some extra paintings I have done throughout the weekend mixed in with some drawings I did while selling at the festival. A true artist never wastes their time!

Paintings Nov 5, 2016

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Being part of an artistic family definitely has its advantages. Over this weekend, I have been able to sit down surrounded by my relatives and create art. One of the pieces I have included here, Beat It, was done by my brother.

I think this speaks to how important support is in any aspect of life. We each have some sort of creative outlet in my household, be it music, visual art, or even jewelry making. If you surround yourself with supportive and creative people, this should definitely inspire your creative side.

Mini Paintings Nov 3, 2016

Paintings of the day. I tried to stick to a similar color palette between the three pieces today to give them their own unique vibe as a daily set.

Reminder: These mini paintings, along with my previous ones, are for sale. I will be selling them at the Fall Festival this week! Come check our table out!

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